Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Been a Blonde Kind of Day.....

Well... yes, in case you can't tell in my picture, I am blonde. But I never thought of myself as the kind of blonde that was the butt of all the jokes- you know the kind I mean. Yes, they can make me giggle, too- so I'm okay with them... but I just never thought that I would ever BE the joke!

First, I have to say that it's not ALL a blonde thing... I have been up since 2:30 AM this morning! Why, you might ask? Please tell ME!??? I don't know. I just couldn't sleep. Sometimes that happens. Then I hit the carpet running this morn, and didn' t stop until about 9 pm tonight in front of this, here, computer.

So, my blonde moment, you might wonder? Wellll..... I decided to fix a couple of broken links in my blog roll, that have needed to be fixed for awhile now. Doo, da, doo... click here, click there and well, I fixed them all right! I fixed them so well, that now I don't have them! In fact, you will notice that I do not have ANY links to my favorite blogs and places anymore! Ugh. (UPDATE 3/4: now you will notice I am slowly getting my blogs back together! lol)


Blonde? Yep.

Go ahead... let the jokes begin. ;)

But wait, there's more...

My oldest daughter, who is also a blonde (a most beautiful blonde girl, I might add), had a blonde moment today, as well.

To set this stage, you have to know Bailey... she is a vibrant, bubbly, happy and silly little girl. I love her for all of those things! So, as everyday, she was being her vibrant, bubbyly, happy AND SILLY little self while walking out of her P.E. class this morning.
Apparently, she was paying attention to the floor (rather than what was ahead of her), and proceeded to slam herself into the bar between the double doors to the gymnasium, and knocked herself onto her keister! She has a bruise and knot on the forehead to prove it. Of course we're all laughing now, AFTER the trip to the emergency care to make sure she was okay!
And to think we made her middle name GRACE.... ;)

I love you, Gracie!

Blonde or not. PLEASE tell me we ALL have these moments???

She was SO blonde... that she tried to put M & M's in alphabetical order.

And now, this blonde is GOING TO BED!