Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bella Sneaky Peeks and Agenda.....

It's almost time! Are you ready? Me, I'm ready to hop on the plane without my bags, swaps, supplies, and PJ's... but that wouldn't be all that smart, now would it? I can't believe how fast this fall has swept by. I am still working on my last swap, and pennants have mostly come in for my Vintage Sparkle Winter Banner swap I'm hosting. The Bella Board is swarming with flurry about this and that. Everyone is soooo excited... including me!

Well, if your just tuning in.... Here's a little of what I'll be doing this coming week....
Monday and Tuesday will be spent tying up ends at the church for curriculum, so I hopefully I don't leave Lauren with any holes! ;) Along with packing, packing, packing- or figuring out the Silver Bella Packing Puzzle! Every time this year, the Bella board is buzzing with questions relating to how to pack for the event... ;) This is my third year, I'm not sure I have it down yet!

I will fly out Wednesday with Valita, Heather, Alisa, Joanna, and Marie. I'm not sure what Wednesday will be like, but probably settling in, a quick lunch, and maybe a little downtown shopping, with an evening of last minute swap preparations. It's time to catch-up with my Bella friends that I haven't seen since June.

Thursday, Miss Jessi Nagy has rented us a BIG Bella bus to take us on tour to the Brass Armadillo, Hobby Lobby, Archivers, and a fabulous lunch! She's quite a Bella girl- Love that Jessi!
Thursday afternoon/evening we check in at the register table to get our classroom assignments and name tags (the ticket to Friday's 100 Aprons Vendor Market!) and meet and greet with the rest of the Bellas coming in on Thursday... Then that evening we meet with ALL 150+ Bellas for dinner and class taught by Stephenie Hamen. And the night won't end there. It will be time for some Bella Swappin'! There were SO MANY swaps this year! I wanted to join in every one of them, but alas, there's just not enough time.

Friday starts classes.... I will be taking Kaari Meng's Vintage Rosary Necklace, Jennifer Murphy's Snowman Clip Ornament, and Rebecca's Cigar Box Assemblage classes- a full day leading right into the long-awaited evening event: 100 Aprons Bella Market Faire. The doors for the Faire are open (then quickly closed again) for us Vintage Bellas at 6:30, while the public eagerly awaits the doors to open for them at 7:00 pm. You will never see so much glitter, glam, and sparkle anywhere!

Then, bright and early Saturday morning, after not much sleep Friday night, classes resume with Pam Garrison's Holly-Days Countdown wreath class, and finishing off the fabulous time with the stars ;) I spend time again with Kaari Meng and make a Vintage Charm Bracelet. We will all meet again for the luncheon and get to meet guest speaker Jo Packham, the creator and Editor in Chief of Where Women Create! Oh, I simply cannot wait!

Saturday night is always a big ending to the weekend with a dinner, most likely at the Upstream Brewery Co., downtown Omaha. It's a favorite among many Bellas. The atmosphere is fun and energetic (what we need after two days of straight creating), yet is warm and cozy with a great Nebraska corn-fed beef steak. It's our last "hurrah" before saying our good-byes to good friends (old and new).

Then it'll be back to reality without all the glitter and sparkles (unless you track some home with you) on Sunday, but not until all of us figure out how we'll get all that Bella goodness back home on the plane with us! (Last year, I had to undo my luggage AT THE AIRPORT to take out/rearrange jeans, shoes or something to keep it from spilling over the weight limit!) Course, there were other bellas (and I won't mention any names-you know who you are), who had to take out the 5LBS OF CHOCOLATE they packed! LOL

Even if we leave behind a glitter trail all the way from Omaha, we will have brought back glittered pieces from swaps and classes and sparkles of memories of time spent with some really great girls who love vintage art, jewelry, paper & sewing just as much as I do! See you when I get back....

Here's a couple sneaky peeks for ya.... and I'll post more of the event when I return. It's time for some Bella Bliss...