Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hall-o-w-e-e-n!

Happy Halloween! My kids are just writhing in their seats... can't wait for tonight. They are just as excited about seeing all the other costumes, as they are dressing up and getting candy themselves! Poor Kenna is still not feeling great, I don't think I'll dress her up. She'll be "along for the ride". Here's the "Little Angel" and the "Pirate of the Carribean" Or Lewisville, whichever you prefer. ;) And the little "Candy Corn" who loves waving at the scarecrow! Have a Happy Hallow-e-e-n everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silver Bella, Cinderella!

You know the song from Cinderella that the step-sisters sang- or was it the one Cinderella sang about the nagging of her step-sisters? "Cinderella, Cinderella, all I hear is Cinderella..." Okay, so I don't remember how it all went. I just thought of it while thinking of the title to this post because is sorta rhymes with Silver Bella. And my swap items remind me alot of Cinderella...It's Silver Bella, Miss Cinderella! Oh, I am getting giddy and excited, can you tell? I am because I now know what I am doing for my swaps, and they are on their way to getting done! Yay! And I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I had to share... (but just a little!) Here's a sneak peak... Just 8 more days!!! (Now to finish figuring out my Junk Gypsy attire!)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Star Wars & Fall Fun Fest Celebration!

It was quite the day on October 27! ...Here's a few snap shots of Braden's 6th party. Happy Birthday sweet boy!
I think the party was a hit. I had fun! Braden said he had fun, and a couple of the parents thought everything was so thought out! (little do they know... ;) ) My friend, Elizabeth had an R2D2 cake pan that she let me borrow and this is how it turned out. I have forgotten how I like to do cakes.
I had found a couple ideas for games, and then adapted them and thought out a couple more. They started out the party by breaking their own geodes to see if they could find crystals inside. They also decorated their own flying saucers, and colored Star Wars coloring sheets. Then it was a game of Musical Chairs to the Star Wars music. Instead of sending a child away, everyone always had a seat, and I drew a character out of the bag, and if they were sitting in that seat, they got to draw a prize from a bag. If you won already, you chose someone else to draw a prize. So everyone wins! We sang "Happy Birthday", ate cake, snacks & lemonade then opened presents. He got some very cool Star Wars and Lego toys! Then we played "Keep the meteor up", with some noisemaker- light sabers and balloon- meteors. THAT was a huge hit! The kids got so excited when I told them that they first had to dress in a Jedi tunic (a black plastic table cloth with a colored belt tied around their waste)! We also played "Avoid the Death Star", a version of "hot potato"... if they were stuck with the star, they had to either play on their back or tummy or sit backwards, etc... They went down the slide and played with the light sabers and then it was over. Nobody wanted to leave, they were having so much fun!

Then it was off to home to rest before heading back out to the First Baptist Fun Fall Fest & Trunk or Treating with friends, Elizabeth, Gabe, Perryn & Teagan. This is where McKenna goes to school. We saw her friend's mom dressed up as a gardener in the "Secret Garden". It was soooo cute! They had a bunny, a dig for real worms, pick a duck, etc., with plants and decor galore! The kids had fun. McKenna wasn't feeling well, so she got her one piece of candy and held it the entire time we were there. She was STILL holding it when we got home, then ate it after pizza! A brown/black/green gummy worm, ewwww! She liked though. ;)
After Elizabeth and the kids left, our kids zonked out after the days' festivities! We did too.

Now, on to Halloween on Wednesday!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Joys of Fall?!....

Oh, it's been oh so long- too long. So much happening, and it just keeps happening! I can't believe it's almost Halloween, and Braden's birthday! Fun, fun! Here's what he's giving out to his class for his birthday. I opted not to do snacks/treats this time. I had the pencils, and it's a fun way to "remind" the parents that he has his party on Saturday. hee hee We've only had four RSVP's!
We FINALLY had our ever INFAMOUS 15 year-in-the-making garage sale two weeks ago!!!! We made a little money which is gone now, to a new radiator/water pump in the van. So sad. We had such plans to replace some lamps, help paint the downstairs, etc. SOMETHING for the house. OH well. At least we could pay for the van to be fixed.
Fall Festival at the school was last weekend, Bryan and I worked our tails off setting up milk bottles and chasing balls for the Braden's class booth! That'll teach me to select a ball-throwing game again! It was fun though. The kids had so much fun. They had a DJ this year in the lunch room where all the food was. The stage was set up with hoola-hoops and they had contests, and dance games and such. THAT was a ton of fun to watch. ;) Bailey won one of the Webkinz silent auction baskets- a little bull frog, she named Malibou.
It will soon be Silver Bella time... and I need to get my Christmas tags and charms finished! Eeek! I'm getting nervous... all the things I need to take and pack! Ikes! Until later! Shan