Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sweet friends & family.... as much as I LOVE to blog, and think and wish I could "do it all", I am going to have to give my Christmas greetings and best wishes now (And come back after the new year). Things are sooo busy- recitals, parties, planning, baking, cleaning, laundry, and family coming in from out of town over the holidays.... I truly want to do it all!

I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a BLESSED NEW YEAR! I'll see you then!
Many hugs!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wanna Laugh?

Check it out for a giggle or two...
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thankful Blessings...

I have so much to be thankful for... My wonderful family, who loves me, and all my many friends from the long-time and recent past... Thank you all for your love, generosity, and commitment to our relationship. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with just our little family. Quiet, but eventful. We worked on gearing the house up for Christmas (no decorating, but cleaning purging, and organizing). With the fall sooooo busy around here, I fell behind on keeping up some organizing around here (surprise, surprise). We are not completely done, but well on our way to being done!

After Silver Bella, I came home to have a wonderful little package sent to me from my wonderful friend, Nancy at My Crafty Little Page. She posted on her blog in November about these cute little turkey candles (which I mistakenly thought were for sale), and inquired her about how much she would like for them. The reason I asked was because they are the EXACT same turkey candles my mother had as part of our Thanksgiving decorations that my sister and I used to put out as we decorated for the holiday feast. Oh those days, those memories, those cute little turkey candles.... Anyways, after an embarassing oopsie (made by, yes, surprise, me) she offered up a set, and I promised I would bring back Silver Bella goodies for her. And now, I have these three little turkeys (even in real life! lol), that will be a part of our Thanksgiving decor for years to come and share past

memories of my childhood to remind me of some really wonderful times with my Mom, Dad, sister and brother. ;) And NOT only did she send me the package, she also sent each of the kids a little something, too. She gave them little ornaments! And also tucked in a vintage Thanksgiving postcard and gummed holiday stickers for me. Just fabulous! Thank you soooo much sweet, friend!!!


I also want to say thanks for the little bloggy award she gave to me too! Nancy has awarded me the
Antoinette Award
for inspiring in this little crafty/bloggy/creative little world! Thank you, my friend, I feel the same about you! Now, of course, I must pass this along to at least 7 more friends/bloggers (aren't they one in the same?) ;) , and post the guidelines...

1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

And now, I hand this award over to:

Tina ~ Glue on My Fingers, Paint in My Hair

Jana ~ These Are the Days

Linda ~ Linda Joe's Obsession

Valita ~ Vintage V's

Charlene ~ My Heart's Ease

JoAnna ~ Sweet Finds

Heather ~ My Everyday Life

Alisa ~ Life is a Beautiful Place to Be

Thank you ALL for your inspiration, love, generosity, and CREATIVE PASSION!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Wow! What a Bella party.... this year was sooo different (in a good way). It was nice to know that I knew girls BEFORE I went. Though I wouldn't change last year for the world! It was fun to see "new-found friends" from last year and meet new faces... Blogging is truly amazing... It has changed my world forever. I am so glad to have met the people I have. We talked all weekend about the fact that we all connect so well because we "get each other". Vintage art, vintage inspired art, vintage crafting... it's all very strange to some people, but for others (like the 160 or so) girls of Silver Bella (among others), we all know what it's like to find a special treasure- whether it's found, unwanted, at a local thrift store or flea market, or up for grabs at an estate sale, or passed down within our own families only then to use it to create a wonderful gift for someone else, or add it to our own homes to tell a story of who we are... THAT'S Silver Bella in a nut shell... ;)

There is so much to talk about, that I think it would be best for me to break it down into bits....

So....I left a day early (Wednesday) with other Texas Bellas- Valita, Heather, Alisa, and JoAnna, to browse the downtown shopping... Our first stop was most definitely SECOND CHANCE ANTIQUES:

They, of course, knew the Bellas were headed into town, so they were definitely ready for us! We had a ball going through all the wonderful old treasures that they had lined up for us. I realize now, that Heather is not in this picture. But with her pregnancy, she was a bit exhausted, so she stayed back to nap a bit...

Then it was back to the hotel to meet up with Jessi for a little chit-chat, and where she showered us with a sweet little gift (big thanks, Jess!)...

Then Thursday came, we did some more shopping and fun before it was time to pick up our packets meet up with our other roomie and fellow Texas Bella, Jana, and get ready for the "meet and greet"...

and finally to our dinner and group class later in the evening... Our table was set with a goody bag full of fun stuff, and our class kits all neat and boxed up...

Amanda & Maija

Jana and Valita

Kim, Suzanne, Jessi

Heather, me, Valita

After class, it was time for swapping.... Come back in a couple of days to see all that fun...

Texas Bellas, pajama-style!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woohoo! Silver Bella!!

Well... I was going to have a whole weeks worth of sneaky peeks for Silver Bella... but getting ready/packing, etc., etc., got in the way of that! And I needed to give some attention to my poor family. I think they will ever be ready for the day when I say "I'm done with Silver Bella!"... just a few more days, my sweets...

Tomorrow's the big day! Valita, Heather, Joanna, and Alisa are headed to Omaha... Jana will be joining us on Thursday.
Anywho- here's a few more shots before I go... I will post the real deal when I return! Have fun swapping, feeding kiddos, going to the movies, or whatever you'll be doing while I'm gone! :) "See" ya when I get back!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Silver Bella Sneak Peek- Day Two

So I'm a little behind on this post... tons going on around here! Though, at any rate, these pictures will keep you guessing...
I'm getting... no, I ALREADY AM so excited for Silver Bella to be here!
So many emails flying back and forth, plans being made and finalized Ooooo! It's crazy, yet so exciting at the same time... I just can't wait... ;) I'll be back!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Happy 7th Birthday to my
Little Lego Man!!

I love you bunches and bunches!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Silver Bella Peeking... Day One

Okay, I can't leave town, and not leave you with something:

Here's a peek at my part of some

Part of my workspace- (well, what it looked like yesterday... today it's not NEAR as neat!

I know, not much. But I have to spread this out a bit and keep ya guessin'. ;) I'll get to the glitter and sparkle next week! (Plus, it's LATE, and my day was a bear...) I'm gonna get to bed!
Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praises to my Kids...

It's rare I post more than one post a day, but something just happened and I have to share....

Sparing you a great lengthy and confusing story, I will say that I am SO VERY PROUD OF MY TWO OLDEST CHILDREN!!! All the "Safety First" reminders, long talks on watching what goes on around you while walking to and from school, and knowing there are some-pretty-shady-people-that-would- like-to-hurt-them-talks have so paid off! They ARE listening, and paying attention! Yay!

... Long story short...

The kids were still not home at 3:35, and I had lost track of time from about 3:15 (at which time I expect them home). When I realized they were still not home, I jumped into the van and drove the route in which they go to and from school.... no signs of my kiddos.... drive to the school, still no signs... okay, alot more worried now... Back at the house, the bikes and scooters are all there and garage door is locked? Strange. I unlocked the door, and the phone rings. It's the neighbor down the street, calling to let me know that the kids are there because they couldn't get in the house, and I didn't answer the door when they rang the doorbell. Praise to the Lord!

I don't know why I didn't hear the knocking or the doorbell, but they did as they had been told to do when in a time of trouble... went to a pre-determined safe house. And all was well. ...Thank you, Jesus, for watching over and my children.

To all you moms and dads that worry about the safety of your little ones- GOOD FOR YOU! But know He is always with them, and is watching carefully.... And always remind your kiddos to be aware of what is going on around them, and know what to do when they cannot reach mom or dad... Be safe.


I'm still here! Just very busy working away at SILVER BELLA SWAPS, fall projects the kids need help with, as well as, all the normal catch-up... AND I will be leaving this weekend on another trip -AGAIN! Yes, I can hardly believe it myself! I'm no world traveler, but I'm working on it! LOL

This time, Bryan and I are flying to NASHVILLE/FRANKLIN, TN to visit with some good Texas friends (that relocated back to Tennessee) :( . Eric and their son, Liam, and Bryan will be going to the football game on Saturday, while Katie and I are headed out to a wonderful artsy-craftsy district of Franklin... she's planning it all out and I can't wait! Any of yous out that way? we could meet for lunch! ;) I have never been to Tennessee, so I am so thrilled to get the chance to go. Bryan will actually be flying to Memphis tomorrow (work), stay the night, and fly back Friday morn, to fly back out to Nashville Friday night!! (glad it's him and not me!) hee hee!
Soooooo..... Stay tuned and I'll post Silver Bella sneaky peeks next week!
Now, back to working on swaps....


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yee Haw!! What a fantastic weekend at the Paper Cowgirl Retreat! Tina and Cindy, you really know how to put on a fantastic artsy-craftsy kind-of-party! There really was no such thing as too much fun there.... I am soooo happy that you'll be doing it again next year! (so note that, girls~ Paper Cowgirl will be happening again sometime in June 2009! You will want to attend!) They are two of the sweetest cowgirls you'll ever meet!

As I had said in my last post, Valita picked me up Friday morning to head on down to Waxahachie to do some shoppin' before Vendor Night. And we did just that. Once there, we were off to a slow start, spending two hours in a little home decor shop... they had great selection of trims on clearance that we just couldn't pass up! (The two hours was NOT spent shopping, we had our trims picked out in a matter of 20 minutes. It was the check-out process that took sooo long!) We will know better next time...

It was about lunch time, so we decided to walk to and eat at a little pub that was quite quaint in all it's "pubbness" (?) They had some yummy deep-fried, cornbread-battered pickles! lol After lunch, we headed off to our first (and last of the day) antique store. We had a great time looking and digging, then happened upon a wonderful lady who was in to see the new jewelry treasures of one of the booths in the store.

We talked and searched for wonderful little jewels, all-the-while learning some really great tidbits on what to look for in quality vintage jewelry! Valita and I realize that we have passed up some really fantastic pieces in the past, thinking they were brand new, or almost brand new. But it's just the finish that was used at the time...;)

We checked into our hotel, then pranced off to the Little Pink Cottage where vendor night was to begin... So cute!! It's an adorable, literally pink little house made into a tea room, and was perfect for all the little wares that each vendor had. There was SO MUCH creative bliss in that tiny little cottage!

I purchased this sweet little birdy collage from Dale at Sea Dream Studio.

And this wonderful prayer collage is from Ms. Paper Cowgirl herself, Tina!

There was some wonderful little tidbits I purchased, but I have actually been efficient (ya, surprised me too), and tucked them away where they belong before I thought of a picture... and at the rate I'm going, I should have posted this over the course of two days... oh well.

And my blogger friend Nancy, was so sweet to give me these little vintage cupcake toppers and beautiful clock hands from Round Top! Thank you sweet friend.
We finally got to "hug" each other in real life, and I am ever so glad I have met her. She and her long-time friends all came and you must check out Nancy's blog and see the crazy-packed-car they came in!!!

ANOTHER blogger friend and roommie, Ms. Valita,( such a wonderful friend) gave me these goodies all wrapped up in a cute little bag with pink and aqua cowgirl boots paper topper! The little cowgirl necklace is so adorable. (The back of it is the first photo you see up top...)

She is so super sweet! And we had one rootin' tootin' time together! And I look forward to more fun with her at Silver Bella, as well as, just crafty and fun get-togethers down the road...

SATURDAY, we started out super busy with Dale in her lantern class. She is such a sweet person. She had a ton of extras for trading or adding to our lanterns...

Then we had a quick break for lunch that was catered from Two Sisters Lunchbox Cafe. Both Valita and I had Chicken Salad Sandwich with Cranberries on whole wheat bread and cute little cupcakes that were DEliCIouS!!!!! (I scooped one up before I even thought about a picture) You have got to go there, too!

Then off to Jan's banner class (and I'm not the bad little girl, really!). She had a wonderful selection of fabrics and papers in our kits.

After that, we did Joanna's class of Santa Art (the only project I actually got finished!). It was then time for a dinner break for some more antiquing. And the time went fast.... it was back to class with Sharon teaching her Face on a box class. She had our class kits in these cute little bags she painted, transferred, and such... so adorable...

What a great class this was, in that I reached outside the box (so to speak), and learned some great techniques. She was a wonderful teacher, and I think all of us were pleasantly surprised with outcome of all our boxes:

(Valita's and I's boxes)

Last class of the evening was Tina's Soldered Cowgirl Pendant. I was nervous, but Tina encouraged me to get soldering. So I did, and well... needless to say, it needs a little more work. And I still need to solder the jump ring on, then polish it up. She made up these cute little class kits in a disposable coffee cup! How cute is that?! ;)

It was an absolutely wonderful time. The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie is a FANTASTIC little store- worth the little trip, if you get the chance. And I want to thank them, Tina and Cindy, all the teachers, and all the super-fun ladies of Paper Cowgirl! What a fantastic weekend! I can't wait to do it all over again next year! ;)

Go and check out the other blogs for more pictures... and Tina started a Flickr Group, too!

Well, I had better zip-it... This probably goes down as the longest post yet.... ;P