Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bella Sneaky Peeks and Agenda.....

It's almost time! Are you ready? Me, I'm ready to hop on the plane without my bags, swaps, supplies, and PJ's... but that wouldn't be all that smart, now would it? I can't believe how fast this fall has swept by. I am still working on my last swap, and pennants have mostly come in for my Vintage Sparkle Winter Banner swap I'm hosting. The Bella Board is swarming with flurry about this and that. Everyone is soooo excited... including me!

Well, if your just tuning in.... Here's a little of what I'll be doing this coming week....
Monday and Tuesday will be spent tying up ends at the church for curriculum, so I hopefully I don't leave Lauren with any holes! ;) Along with packing, packing, packing- or figuring out the Silver Bella Packing Puzzle! Every time this year, the Bella board is buzzing with questions relating to how to pack for the event... ;) This is my third year, I'm not sure I have it down yet!

I will fly out Wednesday with Valita, Heather, Alisa, Joanna, and Marie. I'm not sure what Wednesday will be like, but probably settling in, a quick lunch, and maybe a little downtown shopping, with an evening of last minute swap preparations. It's time to catch-up with my Bella friends that I haven't seen since June.

Thursday, Miss Jessi Nagy has rented us a BIG Bella bus to take us on tour to the Brass Armadillo, Hobby Lobby, Archivers, and a fabulous lunch! She's quite a Bella girl- Love that Jessi!
Thursday afternoon/evening we check in at the register table to get our classroom assignments and name tags (the ticket to Friday's 100 Aprons Vendor Market!) and meet and greet with the rest of the Bellas coming in on Thursday... Then that evening we meet with ALL 150+ Bellas for dinner and class taught by Stephenie Hamen. And the night won't end there. It will be time for some Bella Swappin'! There were SO MANY swaps this year! I wanted to join in every one of them, but alas, there's just not enough time.

Friday starts classes.... I will be taking Kaari Meng's Vintage Rosary Necklace, Jennifer Murphy's Snowman Clip Ornament, and Rebecca's Cigar Box Assemblage classes- a full day leading right into the long-awaited evening event: 100 Aprons Bella Market Faire. The doors for the Faire are open (then quickly closed again) for us Vintage Bellas at 6:30, while the public eagerly awaits the doors to open for them at 7:00 pm. You will never see so much glitter, glam, and sparkle anywhere!

Then, bright and early Saturday morning, after not much sleep Friday night, classes resume with Pam Garrison's Holly-Days Countdown wreath class, and finishing off the fabulous time with the stars ;) I spend time again with Kaari Meng and make a Vintage Charm Bracelet. We will all meet again for the luncheon and get to meet guest speaker Jo Packham, the creator and Editor in Chief of Where Women Create! Oh, I simply cannot wait!

Saturday night is always a big ending to the weekend with a dinner, most likely at the Upstream Brewery Co., downtown Omaha. It's a favorite among many Bellas. The atmosphere is fun and energetic (what we need after two days of straight creating), yet is warm and cozy with a great Nebraska corn-fed beef steak. It's our last "hurrah" before saying our good-byes to good friends (old and new).

Then it'll be back to reality without all the glitter and sparkles (unless you track some home with you) on Sunday, but not until all of us figure out how we'll get all that Bella goodness back home on the plane with us! (Last year, I had to undo my luggage AT THE AIRPORT to take out/rearrange jeans, shoes or something to keep it from spilling over the weight limit!) Course, there were other bellas (and I won't mention any names-you know who you are), who had to take out the 5LBS OF CHOCOLATE they packed! LOL

Even if we leave behind a glitter trail all the way from Omaha, we will have brought back glittered pieces from swaps and classes and sparkles of memories of time spent with some really great girls who love vintage art, jewelry, paper & sewing just as much as I do! See you when I get back....

Here's a couple sneaky peeks for ya.... and I'll post more of the event when I return. It's time for some Bella Bliss...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soul Sisters in the Fall...

Oh...... I can't tell you how excited I am over a new ladies group (to me anyways) and bible study that I have just started attending.
oul Sisters is the name of the group... It's sorta new to me because I had known about the group in our church that meets on Thursdays (I almost started going a couple years ago, but then didn't)... And I kinda forgot about it... til now!

Our group "leader", the lovely Pastor Laura, is the sweetest and kindest lady. She makes you feel sooo welcome. The group is all about Soul Sisters in Christ and as a dedicated close friend-kind-of thing.

The bible study we are doing is "Discerning the Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer, which can be found here. The jist is, how to recognize when God speaks to you. So far it's been totally wonderful. I was thrilled and passionate about this study because, well, I've come to wonder sometimes if God is talking to me or is it ME thinking this or that.... and to tell you the truth- the study has just supported my belief that He most definitely is talking to me! I can look back on periods in my life where I thought, yes, this has got to be God BUT (as doubt sets in)... and only two weeks into the study I KNOW at times it definitely was... God is so truly amazing! I am really so excited about this... ;)

If you are in the Flower Mound, TX area and are needing some time "Discerning the voice of God"... you might just check it out! You can read more about it HERE.

On a different note.... what are your thoughts on this weather??? (for those of you in north Texas) Oui! I know many are getting really sick of the rain, but for me, it's been kinda nice for a change of scenery. I don't like that it's made a muck of flooded areas for many.... but for today, since it hasn't been too rainy (in Lewisville), and warmer feeling... I just get the feeling of FALL sitting here looking out the window. And I REALLY enjoy that feeling! Fall IS here, and I L-O-V-E fall!
How about you?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayers for a Friend....

I am posting today in hopes that those of you that may not know yet, and to those of you that are willing will bend down and lift your hearts in prayer... A sweet friend, Tina Wright - head cowgirl of the Paper Cowgirl art event is need of good thoughts and prayers right now. She has recently found out she has cancer. Please pray for her, the doctors & specialists, as well as her family and close friends. It is going to be a rough road ahead for all, and I will be praying for her all the way. I hope you will join me, as well. If you hop on over to the PC blog, Mendy and Lisa are putting together a book with pages made from friends. If you are interested, go check it out here.
I'm praying God's healing miracle for ya, T!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where oh where have I gone?

Oh yes, I'm still around... just very busy, since I started working up at the church, summer activities, and vacations! So sorry. I am missing all of you in the blogging world! I hope to catch up sometime soon..... Hope your summer is cooler than mine right now! (as I type this in my 86 degree room.... something is definitely going on with the air conditioner!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Couple of Shout Outs!

Oh yes, busy as ever around here.... pink eye and ear infections top the list for this week! ;P But before April slips by with the least amount of posts ever, I thought I'd give a shout out to a couple of gals...

First one is for the infamous Teresa McFayden... Oh, a few posts ago on her blog, she posted a "new" kind of Chicken and Rice Casserole recipe. I thought it sounded different, and the ingredients sounded all yummy to me, AND I hadn't fixed chicken and rice casserole in a l-o-o-o-n-g time. So I thought I'd give it a try. Holy CHICKEN AND RICE! Let me just say, it's by far, hands down, THE BEST chicken and rice casserole EVER!!! You simply must try it sometime. Go HERE for the recipe. Mmmmm..... good. Thank you, T!

For the next one, I want to give a shout out for a new bloggin' friend, Celita. She is a part of the Christian Paper Artists group I belong to. She is celebrating her 1 Year Paper-Cutting Art, and is hosting a little give-away on her BLOG, "Days Ease" to celebrate. Go check it out, she is quite the paper-cutting artist! I love her creativity in the themes of her art. Simply amazing and fascinating!

So there ya go. I haven't been very crafty lately... too many outside things going on at this time of year, as well as another (part-time) job. Paper Cowgirl is right around the corner though.... so there's bound to be some "Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl Fun" involved!
Stay tuned....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Silver Bella Excitement....

It's going to be another fabulous year!
Are you going?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Soldering Tale Continues....

If you remember back last September, I took a beginners soldering class from Heather Ales and posted about it here. And yes, the tale continues...

So I hadn't really picked up the soldering iron (brand new in the package still) until recently... Though I was very excited to be a part of Tina's Glass House Swap. We've had 3 months to create and solder these little houses, and I finally (after a creative slump) pieced mine all together, then soldered them! It was so fun and I am thrilled that I didn't break a one! That's the wonderful part of this tale... the not-so-wonderful, horrifying part is this...

It's down to the wire of getting the jump rings on their little roofs, and sending them off to each of their new owners. (Doesn't sound too bad, uh?) Welll.... it IS if you plug in your iron and LEAVE IT ON for at least twenty-four hours, of course, forgetting that you have done so! Needless to say, my iron is okay, but the tip, however, is not! Now my little houses will be late joining their little neighbors... Again, I'm so sorry girls! ;(

But, as promised to them, and if they chose to take a sneaky peek, here they are....

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. But I hope they will all like them, once I get them completed with jump rings and sent off!

UPDATE THIS EVENING: I have just found out that TWO other gals had done the very SAME THING over the weekend! Totally weird... So watch out- something's in the air! OR as Robin puts it, there's WELLER ABUSE going on! LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love the sounds of a guitar and after a great Sunday, here's a tune to delight your ears from Justin McRoberts....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Are YOU wearing GREEN today? That was the FIRST thing my kiddos were checking the second they got up out of bed! I remember St. Patrick's Day when I was little....going to school and making sure everyone had on some green, or else they got a pinch (and LaVonne could give a major pinch!) ;) Bummer the kids are on Spring Break this week and won't be able to "check the green" on their friends. We might have to visit Daddy's office for them to give everyone some fits about not wearing green! ;)

Hope it's a beautiful springy day where ever you are today!
Enjoy the day, and
(or my kids will find you and give you a pinch!)

And here's a linky to Seneca Pond Crafts for a freebie:
Please be sure to thank her for her generosity! ;)

And here's some more fun vintage green for ya...(and pink!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm A Diggin' This!

Oh looky here! It's been awhile since I have run across a new product that I just gotta have... Martha Bonneau over at Craft Critique had a little diddy on this little gem: The Chatterbox Brad Maker

You can make cute little brad's with your own VINTAGE (or favorite) images! Well, like, cool, dude! (wow, that dates me) And the design of the brad themselves are fabulous! Take a look for yourself:

You can get the full scoop and where to purchase online over here. Or maybe you can get it at your local scrapbook store! Or maybe you beat me to the punch (no pun intended) and already own one! Tell me what YOU think?!
I'm really thinking I need one soon...
Seriously cool.



Well, I've resorted to the fact that I'll just be a little (ALOT) behind in my posting.... but I don't think anyone will mind... cuz it's fun- all the same! ;)

These pictures are from Karla Nathan's "PUPPY LOVE Tag Book Swap"... (sorry for the broken ones...I delayed posting this trying to figure out the problem and I'm still trying to fix it. I'll try and take another picture and replace them)
These are the cutest little tags and Karla packaged them up in one cute little bundle as you see...
The cover was made by Miss Karla, herself, just love those two little puppies, and her hand-painted rose and leaves at the bottom! She is one talented lady!

The first tag is from Valita at Vintage V's... Love all the pink, poodles, and french... oh and the lovely pom pom fringe I believe might be the trim we bought down in Waxahachie for pennies! She and I must have had a mind connection while doing this swap... both of us used pink doilies in our tags! Love it, V!

The second tag is from Sarah at My So Called Junky Life...
Who can't love vintage wallpaper and trim? LOVE it! And I especially love the photo with what appears to might be a Saint Bernard? I had 4 Saint Bernards (at different times) growing up. They are BIG dogs, but I love them! I love it

The third tag is from Sheila at Blessed and Distressed... And distressed this tag is! VERY cool, indeed. I love the little collage image she put together.. with various digitally created emphemera and images! NICE job, Sheila!

The fourth tag is from Marilyn... I don't have a contact for her, but I think her tag is preciously wonderful in all it's puppies and pinks! Those images ARE just precious, don't you think? Cute little charm, too! ( I'll try and get a new picture soon...)

The fifth tag is from Gretchen... I also don't have a contact for her. :( You probably can't tell, but the paper she used (front and back) is flocked! Kinda like vintage flocked wallpaper! OOOO, it's soooo sweet! The image is to just die for with ice cream and two sweet kids! The vintage trim is so dainty and works wonderfully as a little picture frame! Love the little silver edge on the velvety flowers, too! An last but not least, sixth tag is from Simply Sage.... She went all out and really dolled up BOTH sides of her tag, and it's quite stunning... For starters,she crackled the front of the tag's background (I love peeling paint),the "sage" green and pink colors are so soft... then on the back, she crackled the inside of the heart with a dimensional crackle medium. Neat idea!!

Please take a moment to check out each of these ladies blogs, or comment on those that don't have contacts... They did a fabulous job, wouldn't you say?

This other is an extra I had made, a similar duplicate to one I sent in. And here are all the ones I made.... the fabric tags were fun, I extended the idea from my banner swap (you'll notice the same fabric and technique). It was just too much fun!

I have more projects and things to tell you... But I need more TIME to blog them! So, as I get them them typed, you'll see more.... ;) Hugs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Yahoo! Group...

Weeelllll.... it's underway! Paper Cowgirl registration is finally here... It will be a super fun event, the hoopla has already started with the new Paper Cowgirl 2009 Yahoo Group! I am hearing of swaps that will be getting started soon. And other fun happenings..... So for anyone going to PC- better go sign up for the group, and if you're thinking of attending PC- git on over there and sign up! Tina is telling me a couple classes are close to filling up! (And just an FYI- the lunches will be delicious!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Been a Blonde Kind of Day.....

Well... yes, in case you can't tell in my picture, I am blonde. But I never thought of myself as the kind of blonde that was the butt of all the jokes- you know the kind I mean. Yes, they can make me giggle, too- so I'm okay with them... but I just never thought that I would ever BE the joke!

First, I have to say that it's not ALL a blonde thing... I have been up since 2:30 AM this morning! Why, you might ask? Please tell ME!??? I don't know. I just couldn't sleep. Sometimes that happens. Then I hit the carpet running this morn, and didn' t stop until about 9 pm tonight in front of this, here, computer.

So, my blonde moment, you might wonder? Wellll..... I decided to fix a couple of broken links in my blog roll, that have needed to be fixed for awhile now. Doo, da, doo... click here, click there and well, I fixed them all right! I fixed them so well, that now I don't have them! In fact, you will notice that I do not have ANY links to my favorite blogs and places anymore! Ugh. (UPDATE 3/4: now you will notice I am slowly getting my blogs back together! lol)


Blonde? Yep.

Go ahead... let the jokes begin. ;)

But wait, there's more...

My oldest daughter, who is also a blonde (a most beautiful blonde girl, I might add), had a blonde moment today, as well.

To set this stage, you have to know Bailey... she is a vibrant, bubbly, happy and silly little girl. I love her for all of those things! So, as everyday, she was being her vibrant, bubbyly, happy AND SILLY little self while walking out of her P.E. class this morning.
Apparently, she was paying attention to the floor (rather than what was ahead of her), and proceeded to slam herself into the bar between the double doors to the gymnasium, and knocked herself onto her keister! She has a bruise and knot on the forehead to prove it. Of course we're all laughing now, AFTER the trip to the emergency care to make sure she was okay!
And to think we made her middle name GRACE.... ;)

I love you, Gracie!

Blonde or not. PLEASE tell me we ALL have these moments???

She was SO blonde... that she tried to put M & M's in alphabetical order.

And now, this blonde is GOING TO BED!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ARtSy FaRtSY!!

Yes, that's what I said, ARtSy FaRtSY!! I've actually jumped back in and am knee (shoulder) deep in creating and swapping... with banner swaps, a tag book swap, a charm swap, and a lovely soldered houses swap (oooooo!) Can't wait to see these with all the other lovely pieces. Here's a looky at what I've been up to....

These are for the valentine banner swaps I'm in over at Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group. The last two are from the mini banner swap... a fun little size at 3x5!
There will be more to share in the days to come...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Paper Cowgirl Retreat...

I also have something else to share... In September, I attended a fabulous little art retreat in Waxahachie, TX called "Paper Cowgirl". And the 2nd annual retreat has been officially announced...

It will be held June 26-28, in Waxahachie at the Hampton Inn, with registration starting March 1st (you can link directly to the Paper Cowgirl Blog by clicking on it in my side bar or on the button in this post).

The retreat is put together by two of the sweetest girls I know, Tina (Glue on my Fingers,Paint in MyHair) and Cindy (Yapping Cat Studio). And the wonderful blog button was created by the talented Miss Dale (Sea Dream Studio), who was one of the instructors at last year's event (as well as this year)! Valita and I had a really great time, and I plan on attending again this year. YEE HAW! So, mark your calendars!!!

Thank You!

Oh my sweet friends... thank you all sooooo very much for all your sweet thoughts and prayers for my grandmother and myself... Your prayers have definitely been felt all around... I talked to my sister this morning, and she has been told by a friend/nurse that grandma is doing a bit better.... she's talking alot more, but still not eating. Of course I don't know the outcome of anything, but I pray for her, and I will let God handle the rest...

Be still, and know that I am God….
Psalm 46:10 KJV

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20 KJV

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV

Hugs to you ALL!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crying Tears...

Hello everyone... You know me, I normally like to post about the happy, fun, up-beat kind of thing.... And with today as my birthday, (not that I like getting a year older), but it IS my birthday, and that usually means that I don't have to cook, but rather go out for a meal with the family or friends.... A fun, good thing, right? But today, I just don't feel up-beat and happy. I am feeling rather sad and down... and it's so funny with my prior post being on JOY....

I intended to post about the projects I've been working on, but I just don't feel like it. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. I just want to type some words out to spill out my sadness for my ill grandmother. My dad's mother, whom I have adored and learned so much from is very ill and we don't expect that she'll weather the storm.... She is the last grandmother for Bryan or myself. It's so hard to see through the tears... She is the last big part of my childhood back home in Colorado, and the little girl inside (and apparently out) cries out and doesn't want to let go. I know this is how life is, and life after death, for me, is a beautiful thing- she will live lively and gloriously with the Lord, our God. And I will see her again. But there's more to letting go of her, like I said, it's letting go of some physical and emotional part of my childhood. I don't know if it's harder because my mother is gone, as well, but it just really hard.
Tears have flooded the keyboard, now.... so I will just ask for prayer from you, and hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year, my friends! Whew!- what a whirlwind of parties, festivities, photography, giving & receiving, music, joy, games, family, friends, and much thankfulness with a little icky virus thrown in...

I'm back, and I see that everyone is coming back out to play after the holiday season... I'm itching, as well, since I haven't "played" at all since Silver Bella! It's such a shame, too, so much inspiration around Christmastime. Oh well, a new year and a new passion of creativity! There are so many swaps happening out there, bursting of hearts and love for Valentines...

Today I come back with a welcome, and some heart & soul inspiration...
We missed church last week, due to everyone running temps and being ill with a virus. So getting back was refreshing, with a feeling of hope for 2009. I just thought I'd share some thoughts and notes to help begin your new year with a positive attitude, and a wholehearted desire for JOY, because God truly wants us to feel joy in everything, and not just in the circumstances...

I know the Lord is always with me;
even at night my heart instructs me.

I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.

No wonder my heart is filled with joy,
and my mouth shouts His praises!
My body rests in safety.
Psalms 16:7-9

1) You can have joy because God has chosen YOU.
2) You can have joy because God leads you through hard times.
3) You can have joy because He transforms your attitudes and actions.

Rejoice in the Lord Always!
~Phillipians 4:4

More reading:
~1 Peter 1:8-9
~Matthew 25:21
~Isaiah 53:10

Well... I'm off to get some more laundry done (two weeks-plus worth!), and I'll try and find the joy in that! ;)

Catch ya later, friends... til then, lots of HUGS and a little Valentine for you!