Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Soldering Tale Continues....

If you remember back last September, I took a beginners soldering class from Heather Ales and posted about it here. And yes, the tale continues...

So I hadn't really picked up the soldering iron (brand new in the package still) until recently... Though I was very excited to be a part of Tina's Glass House Swap. We've had 3 months to create and solder these little houses, and I finally (after a creative slump) pieced mine all together, then soldered them! It was so fun and I am thrilled that I didn't break a one! That's the wonderful part of this tale... the not-so-wonderful, horrifying part is this...

It's down to the wire of getting the jump rings on their little roofs, and sending them off to each of their new owners. (Doesn't sound too bad, uh?) Welll.... it IS if you plug in your iron and LEAVE IT ON for at least twenty-four hours, of course, forgetting that you have done so! Needless to say, my iron is okay, but the tip, however, is not! Now my little houses will be late joining their little neighbors... Again, I'm so sorry girls! ;(

But, as promised to them, and if they chose to take a sneaky peek, here they are....

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. But I hope they will all like them, once I get them completed with jump rings and sent off!

UPDATE THIS EVENING: I have just found out that TWO other gals had done the very SAME THING over the weekend! Totally weird... So watch out- something's in the air! OR as Robin puts it, there's WELLER ABUSE going on! LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I love the sounds of a guitar and after a great Sunday, here's a tune to delight your ears from Justin McRoberts....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Are YOU wearing GREEN today? That was the FIRST thing my kiddos were checking the second they got up out of bed! I remember St. Patrick's Day when I was little....going to school and making sure everyone had on some green, or else they got a pinch (and LaVonne could give a major pinch!) ;) Bummer the kids are on Spring Break this week and won't be able to "check the green" on their friends. We might have to visit Daddy's office for them to give everyone some fits about not wearing green! ;)

Hope it's a beautiful springy day where ever you are today!
Enjoy the day, and
(or my kids will find you and give you a pinch!)

And here's a linky to Seneca Pond Crafts for a freebie:
Please be sure to thank her for her generosity! ;)

And here's some more fun vintage green for ya...(and pink!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm A Diggin' This!

Oh looky here! It's been awhile since I have run across a new product that I just gotta have... Martha Bonneau over at Craft Critique had a little diddy on this little gem: The Chatterbox Brad Maker

You can make cute little brad's with your own VINTAGE (or favorite) images! Well, like, cool, dude! (wow, that dates me) And the design of the brad themselves are fabulous! Take a look for yourself:

You can get the full scoop and where to purchase online over here. Or maybe you can get it at your local scrapbook store! Or maybe you beat me to the punch (no pun intended) and already own one! Tell me what YOU think?!
I'm really thinking I need one soon...
Seriously cool.



Well, I've resorted to the fact that I'll just be a little (ALOT) behind in my posting.... but I don't think anyone will mind... cuz it's fun- all the same! ;)

These pictures are from Karla Nathan's "PUPPY LOVE Tag Book Swap"... (sorry for the broken ones...I delayed posting this trying to figure out the problem and I'm still trying to fix it. I'll try and take another picture and replace them)
These are the cutest little tags and Karla packaged them up in one cute little bundle as you see...
The cover was made by Miss Karla, herself, just love those two little puppies, and her hand-painted rose and leaves at the bottom! She is one talented lady!

The first tag is from Valita at Vintage V's... Love all the pink, poodles, and french... oh and the lovely pom pom fringe I believe might be the trim we bought down in Waxahachie for pennies! She and I must have had a mind connection while doing this swap... both of us used pink doilies in our tags! Love it, V!

The second tag is from Sarah at My So Called Junky Life...
Who can't love vintage wallpaper and trim? LOVE it! And I especially love the photo with what appears to might be a Saint Bernard? I had 4 Saint Bernards (at different times) growing up. They are BIG dogs, but I love them! I love it

The third tag is from Sheila at Blessed and Distressed... And distressed this tag is! VERY cool, indeed. I love the little collage image she put together.. with various digitally created emphemera and images! NICE job, Sheila!

The fourth tag is from Marilyn... I don't have a contact for her, but I think her tag is preciously wonderful in all it's puppies and pinks! Those images ARE just precious, don't you think? Cute little charm, too! ( I'll try and get a new picture soon...)

The fifth tag is from Gretchen... I also don't have a contact for her. :( You probably can't tell, but the paper she used (front and back) is flocked! Kinda like vintage flocked wallpaper! OOOO, it's soooo sweet! The image is to just die for with ice cream and two sweet kids! The vintage trim is so dainty and works wonderfully as a little picture frame! Love the little silver edge on the velvety flowers, too! An last but not least, sixth tag is from Simply Sage.... She went all out and really dolled up BOTH sides of her tag, and it's quite stunning... For starters,she crackled the front of the tag's background (I love peeling paint),the "sage" green and pink colors are so soft... then on the back, she crackled the inside of the heart with a dimensional crackle medium. Neat idea!!

Please take a moment to check out each of these ladies blogs, or comment on those that don't have contacts... They did a fabulous job, wouldn't you say?

This other is an extra I had made, a similar duplicate to one I sent in. And here are all the ones I made.... the fabric tags were fun, I extended the idea from my banner swap (you'll notice the same fabric and technique). It was just too much fun!

I have more projects and things to tell you... But I need more TIME to blog them! So, as I get them them typed, you'll see more.... ;) Hugs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paper Cowgirl Yahoo! Group...

Weeelllll.... it's underway! Paper Cowgirl registration is finally here... It will be a super fun event, the hoopla has already started with the new Paper Cowgirl 2009 Yahoo Group! I am hearing of swaps that will be getting started soon. And other fun happenings..... So for anyone going to PC- better go sign up for the group, and if you're thinking of attending PC- git on over there and sign up! Tina is telling me a couple classes are close to filling up! (And just an FYI- the lunches will be delicious!)