Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Joys of Fall?!....

Oh, it's been oh so long- too long. So much happening, and it just keeps happening! I can't believe it's almost Halloween, and Braden's birthday! Fun, fun! Here's what he's giving out to his class for his birthday. I opted not to do snacks/treats this time. I had the pencils, and it's a fun way to "remind" the parents that he has his party on Saturday. hee hee We've only had four RSVP's!
We FINALLY had our ever INFAMOUS 15 year-in-the-making garage sale two weeks ago!!!! We made a little money which is gone now, to a new radiator/water pump in the van. So sad. We had such plans to replace some lamps, help paint the downstairs, etc. SOMETHING for the house. OH well. At least we could pay for the van to be fixed.
Fall Festival at the school was last weekend, Bryan and I worked our tails off setting up milk bottles and chasing balls for the Braden's class booth! That'll teach me to select a ball-throwing game again! It was fun though. The kids had so much fun. They had a DJ this year in the lunch room where all the food was. The stage was set up with hoola-hoops and they had contests, and dance games and such. THAT was a ton of fun to watch. ;) Bailey won one of the Webkinz silent auction baskets- a little bull frog, she named Malibou.
It will soon be Silver Bella time... and I need to get my Christmas tags and charms finished! Eeek! I'm getting nervous... all the things I need to take and pack! Ikes! Until later! Shan

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