Sunday, July 27, 2008

My first award...

Wow! I've been awarded the Brilliante Weblog Award from my friend, Nancy, over at My Crafty Little Page. That is sooo very sweet of you, my dear. Thank you!
Now, the rules state that I must give this award to at least four other bloggers... hmmm.... how can I choose? There are sooooo many brilliantly talented bloggers in "blogland", and it would be hard to choose just four.
First, the rules:

Put the logo on your blog.

Add a link to the person who awarded you.

Nominate at least 4 other bloggers.

Add links to those blogs on yours.

Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Oh, dear, before I choose, know that all of you inspire me, make smile, make me laugh, even make me cry (for good reasons!), and touch my life in some way... I choose:

Gina {Gingerbread}

Elizabeth {E2C2}

Tina {Glue on My Fingers, Paint in My Hair}

Amy {Inspireco}

Sherelle {My Crazy Life}

Rebecca {RS Out of Hand}

Thank you, girls, for your words and images of inspiration, kindness, and fun!


Sherelle said...

Thanks so much are so sweet :)

Tina said...

Thanks Shannon for the award!

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

thanks. i have moved from a blog to a blog/webpage, so how will i make this work? maybe you should call me to tell me....512-437-1485 (in case you lost my number) {:o)

cindy said...

Love your blog philosphy and cute artwork. Found you via Tina. Glad I did.


Gina said...

Congrats on your award Shannon and thanks SO much for passing it on :D
Your threesome certainly did brighten my day ~ what gorgeous smiles! Gx