Saturday, August 9, 2008


So, in my last post I said I was feeling a creative jive... joined some swaps, and here's a little bit of what I've been up to:

ATC International Swap
Crowns and Tiaras ATC
Bailey joined in with me, and even swapped ATCs with another girl her age! Here's what she's been working on... quite a little budding artist, I must say! I am so thrilled she loves to be right at my side creating, it's a ton of fun when were singin', inkin', paintin', cuttin', gluein'... hmmm, there's a little jingle in there somewhere. ;) (She's a little busier than I am, hence more production takes place). lol

Then... I am sooooooo excited! Last year I attended Silver Bella Paper Arts Retreat for the first time. I went by myself, which was a little bit frightening ( I have never traveled by myself before). But it was in Omaha, Nebraska- How bad could it be? That was practically back home where I grew up! So I felt like I was in some-what familiar territory... I was so lucky to have been able to register after someone had canceled, because it ended up a sold out event. (Miss Foof sure knows how to put together one doozy of a retreat!) I then made flight and hotel arrangements, and Little Miss Cinderella was on her way! I am so glad I went, it was total paper arts heaven! And now I'm attending again this year, and I am sooo excited to go and see friends I met from last year! Yay!

And not only Silver Bella, but I'll be headed south to the Paper Cowgirl Retreat in September. Tina, who hosted the Cowgirl Swap a couple months ago, along with her friend Cindy, are going to be hostesses of this big paper pow-wow! (Tina will also be one of the talented artist, teaching a class!) I am so excited because I'll be going with Valita (who I met at Silver Bella last year), and I'll be meeting Ms. Nancy ,(whom I've never officially met in person... we met via swapping over the internet and have been blogging "friends" ever since! I never thought when I started blogging, that I would have met soooo many talented and absolutely wonderful people. Oh so much fun and excitement!

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The Engelhardt 4 said...

So when is the Cowgirl thing....i might want to tag along...if you will let me??