Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Are YOU wearing GREEN today? That was the FIRST thing my kiddos were checking the second they got up out of bed! I remember St. Patrick's Day when I was little....going to school and making sure everyone had on some green, or else they got a pinch (and LaVonne could give a major pinch!) ;) Bummer the kids are on Spring Break this week and won't be able to "check the green" on their friends. We might have to visit Daddy's office for them to give everyone some fits about not wearing green! ;)

Hope it's a beautiful springy day where ever you are today!
Enjoy the day, and
(or my kids will find you and give you a pinch!)

And here's a linky to Seneca Pond Crafts for a freebie:
Please be sure to thank her for her generosity! ;)

And here's some more fun vintage green for ya...(and pink!)


Charlene said...

Did they find someone to pinch? I had a wonderful St Paddy's day. Went shopping with a friend in Dallas. I think I am not going to go to Paper Cowgirls. I am going to save my $$$$$ for Silver Bella. Bummer I won't get to see you. I've missed seeing you. Got an email from Heather A the other day about Paper Cowgirls. I guess she is going. Take care.

Linda said...

Love all these graphics!!!!