Monday, September 10, 2007

Wishing I could rewind....

Okay, I realized I never posted about Women of Faith... Things got soooo busy with the school year beginning, and all the activities, events, and such it all brings with it! Today, sweet McKenna is at MDO, and I have a few quiet moments to reflect on such a wonderful weekend with the most fabulous ladies I could ever spend a spiritual weekend with. I wish I could rewind and play back (in real life) that whole weekend again! It was such fun, so inspirational, and absolutely relaxing! I needed that break as a mom, a wife, a friend, and spiritual leader. If you have never been, or have been thinking of going- think no longer and just go! Okay, save that money and next year, take a few a friends with you! (or your sister, or your mother-in-law... ;) )
I know I was meant to be there that weekend. I was meant to hear what Dr. Henry Cloud and Sheila Walsh had to say about the fact that GOD HAS A DREAM FOR YOUR LIFE. Yes, your life, too. Dig deep, way back into those childhood dreams, many are still dreams yet to be fulfilled. Don't let anyone or anything tell you different.... Find your "Emmit", someone who can lift you up when your down, to run to in fear, sadness, or joy, and be able to tell you "how it really is"(the truth can hurt, but sometimes it's really what we need to hear). She should be rooted in Christ, or definitely have Him in her heart, so His guidance is always there through and
Nichole Nordeman's musical heart in Christ flowed through the whole arena while her "unplugged" versions of her songs spilled into every desperate ear who whole-heartedly heard her... just beautiful.
And oh my! I mentioned Anita Renfroe... She is every mom's inner comical self. You know what I mean, the things we all say and do, but sometimes don't want to admit or share.? ;) She is a RIOT! She gave hysterical relief to moms who work sooo hard for their families in every way, shape and form. Her DVDs are a must! And if your a book reader, I'm sure her books are equally as great.
I have never had the pleasure of seeing Nicole Johnson and her dramatic interpretations.. but they were quite amazing. She has the ability to bring you into the real moment. She has written and produced for the "Revolve Tour", as well. I can't wait to take Bailey someday!
And what can I share about Patsy Clairmont (I hope to have the kind of energy she has later in life!), Marilyn Meberg, Thelma Wells, and Luci Swindoll? Their amazing stories of life struggles are incredible... and they share them with women everywhere they go. If they can survive, we can too. All of us go through life struggles and obstacles, but if the Lord is in our hearts, and we call upon Him, we can make it through, too.
And the beautifully talented Lisa Smith... she's amazing and can sing through signing like I have NEVER seen before. She has been truly gifted by God, and I was truly blessed by her awe-inspiring, moving talent.
And I must not forget the infamous Sandi Patty- her timeless voice just knocks the socks off you! I had the pleasure of meeting her husband while waiting in line to say hello to Sandi (and have our picture taken with her), and he is just one of the sweetest men you'll ever meet. They both are genuine sweethearts, with abundant love for their family and ministry.
And all of this wouldn't be nearly as fabulous, if it were not for the group of ladies I attended with. They all had been before, I was the newbie, but they took me in was there for the times I shed a tear. (Bring loads of Kleenex!) They were a hoot to spend time with, dine with, sleep with (what little we got), and get know better. These ladies are my new-found sisters in Christ, and I look forward to more fun times down the road...

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Tammy said...

You have such a gift of writing and expressing your thoughts! You told me all about it on the phone, but then to read your inner thoughts and experience in words, WoW! You brought a tear to my eyes, and such warmth to my heart! You are my inspiration! I Love you!