Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Silver Bella!

Yay! I finally got it working... Let me know YOUR favorite moment at Silver Bella! Just leave a comment or just say hi! Enjoy!


Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Shannon!! I loved your photos and music together. What fun! I wish I had gotten to meet you. Hopefully next year. :)


Tammy said...

Hey sis!! I'm so jealous that you got to have so much fun with out me!! It shouldn't be allowed! Love ya & great job with the show!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon!

Even though we only spend a short amount of time together, I felt a true kindred spirit. Thanks for all your help getting me on our way to the airport. Your a dear!

Have a beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving.
Karla Smith

Valita said...

It was so great meeting you. love the photos and the mix you did. I still don't have a class project completed yet either. Hope to tsay in touch and see you around sometime.

dede warren said...

this is sooooo great! i am glad we got to sit together in Rebecca's class, it was so nice to meet you!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

wow girl!
this is amazing!!!
we did'nt really get to spend that much time together. (boo hoo).
next year my friend!
Im givin ya a shout out on my blog , to all the bella's to come and check this out! great work!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! That was really great to watch! Loved the crowns on you and Rebecca's heads at the end!!
Teresa McFayden

Gabe, Elizabeth, Perryn, and Teagan said...

I FOUND YOU!! Woohoo. Now I can really keep up with you after we move on Saturday!! You may have to just post a little more frequently (heehee). Love you.