Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Day to Unplug...

So, Ms Rebecca posted on her blog that she is taking a day to disconnect and be "unplugged". No television, computer, phone, etc. One day to immerse into total creative bliss. She asked that people join her, and I am. My day is Friday. (I had told her Thursday, but oops, forgot about an appt at 1:00pm) So Friday is my day... nothing but some music (which doesn't count, because that for me, is part of the creative process).
So anyone that wants to join, leave a comment here with what day you plan to "unplug", post the "unplugged" invite on your blog, then come back on Monday or Tuesday with pictures of what you did! And like Rebecca said, no pressure, no high expectations, just be in total creative bliss! RELAX and ENJOY!

Some ideas to do on your "unplugged" day:

1) Go through those heaps of magazines, pull out pages or ones you want to keep...

2) Finish one or two of the umpteen projects you have on your table, in that box, on that shelf...

3)Journal- Sit and write a few lines of inspiration, times past, or on those layouts that would be finished except for the journaling...even on those loose photographs!

4) Play with your kids! Make it "ART DAY WITH MOMMY"... don't forget some pictures of such an memorable time!

5)Make cards... I know I am always making a card when I need it, not ahead of time. Have a big pile stacked up ready to be chosen for that special someone or celebration!

(Edited addition: If you leave a comment on my unplugged post by next Tuesday, whether you join the unplugged day or not, I will draw a name and have a little surprise waiting to send out to you!)


The Engelhardt 4 said...

Ok, so a creative day....Well, if I had read your blog LAST NIGHT, I would have chosen today...hmm...maybe we can get to it....Wed are my creative days anyways.....Right now Perryn is painting with watercolors (in her panties only), and Teagan is driving a car on the table....I have to 2 baby books to make, some birth announcements to make, and hmmm Teagan's baby book to get finished. We will have our day today!!!!

Sherelle said...

This sounds fun...I would love a whole day just for creating! Now...if I could just find a sitter for my kids! I love the little birthday image at the cute!

Tara said...


Thanks so much for taking a visit to my blog...I am going to visit often here, it's a comfy place to be!
I have been unplugged all week--kids and I are off from school...I have called noone, napped on my litchen couch, looked at sunbeams steam across the livingroom flr, played webkins with my and the busy life returns next week and I am staying like this until MON morning! I seriously need recharging!
I read a John Lennon quote where he said in order to give out (his music) he needed to give in (his 5 years of nonproductivity)...makes sense to me!
Enjoy your day!!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

go check out what we did for being unplugged yesterday. we had a BLAST!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love your blog, and the name Faith & Chocolate pulled me right in, two of my favorite things! I'm doing the same challenge on my blog. Such a great thing to do, I hope many other women will do the same!


jen said...

I don't need suggestions for what to DO with a day off from technology, I need suggestions for HOW TO stay off!! lol.
Thanks so much for the nice comments and visit to my blog! :-)