Saturday, February 16, 2008

You've Got To...

Be careful whose blog you read! (hee hee) I have been TAGGED... lol well, everyone got tagged from Sherelle Christensen, on her blog "My Crazy Life". Sherelle is so very talented, and I have stalked her blog for quite sometime now (sorry Sherelle, I am one of those 900 readers who don't always comment!) ;) Not only is she a talent, she sounds like a great mom, with 4 beautiful children!
I thought this would be fun to share with those who don't know me well, or those that think they do ;), and even those who really do (you might not know one thing about me)!

So here I go:

10 years ago?
We had just moved into our newly constructed home (Oct), and I had my first baby, Bailey Grace, who was consequently born in our new home, delivered by my husband ~totally unexpected!!!

Things on my to-do list today?
Oh, nothing, if I can do it.... ;) Actually, piles of laundry, put away Valentine's decor, I should really dust- but I can't stand doing it, clean up my studio to a point where I can walk in it (more than just to the computer and back), work on a birthday gift, send two thank you cards, make and send an anniversary card, maybe think about my Christmas picture cards that never got done for the holidays (oh boy), and generally keep things under control...

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire?
Share some with family and friends, give to our church remodeling campaign, give to missions fund, give to organizations on cancer, diabetes, and crohn's research, and buy or build two vacation homes, one in the mountains, and one at the beach, then I would move and build a bigger house, one that would have enough bedrooms for each of my three kids (so they each can have their own, along with an extra one or two bedrooms for our guests.

Three of my bad habits?
Perfectionist...if I can't make it perfect, then I tend to keep procrastinating the project or won't do it all. I spend too much time on the computer, and oh, I see the word procrastinate up above...

Five jobs I've had?

1) Waitress at "Wagon Wheel" restaurant in Julesburg, Co in high school.

2) Dance teacher, after graduating high school and in college.

3) A photo techi that checked out photo equipment to students on campus.

4) Commercial photo biz: photographer's assistant, still life & fashion stylist(I got to tell Troy Aikman what clothes to change into, run my fingers through his hair (to fix it for photos), and straighten his clothing (for the photographs!)) producer, scout & set builder (those pretty much take it past the 5 jobs, I guess). However....

5) My current job: Mother to three wonderful children... I don't get a paycheck, but I'm paid well!

Five things people don't know about me?
1) As much as I would really like to be, I am really not that social...I do like a girls night out every once in awhile though. I know it may sound strange to say "I'd like to be social, but then I'd rather just stay home." Huh? I don't know what it means either.

2) In college I was asked to join an Aspen Dance group for the summer to perform at a yearly festival... (I ended up not being able to participate and I regret the decision now)

3) I do NOT like to talk on the phone. Some of you probably know this. It's especially difficult to talk to others with my children around... I get so distracted by them. And for whatever reason I have a hard time hearing some people over the phone. Just not a good combination.

4) I rode in numerous parades, as a young child, back in the 70's with my grandparents, my grandfather being the senator of Colorado. (Thanks, Valarie!;) )

5) I really, really want to learn to play the guitar... and I'd like to get back into playing the piano (what little I know- or knew!)

6) Okay, so I have another... I am so sentimental. I always think about my grandparents, my parents, my sister and brother...the fun memories of growing up. I can get very emotional. I want to make so many memories for my kids. I am always constantly thinking of things from my past to pass down to my kids, whether it be traditions or "things" from my childhood, grandmothers, mother, etc.

Now, I tag Karla, Jessi (if you feel up to it), Elizabeth, Tammy, Kimla (if you haven't had that sweet baby yet!), and YOU! (make sure you come back and tell me!)


Scrappy Jessi said...

sounds like your pretty busy with those 3 cuties!
your projects all look fabulous!
have a greta day!

Valita said...

Glad you updated your blog. Sounds like you and the kiddos had a great Valentine's day. Love the crepe paper pins. They are so adorable!