Monday, June 23, 2008

100th Birthday Card...

Karla Nathan's Great Auntie is turning 100 years old this month, and she had asked her blogging friends if they could make 100 cards to give to her on her birthday. Aunt Caroline is and has been a crafty gal herself, and Karla thought it would be fun to give something crafty back to her... So she has ended up with over 100 cards to give her Aunt Caroline! You can see all the cards in her Flickr group here: Great Aunt Caroline 100 Birthday Cards

This is the card I made and sent...

A little interaction is always fun, right?

It was a fun card to create. I have so many projects going and have not cleaned up from, that I just used what was sitting around. (That's one way to tidy-up, now isn't it?)
So this is just some more of my past-due blogging! And there's yet more to come... ;)
(including my 50th post giveaway! ~
So be sure and come by again!)


elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

That's a REALLY COOL card girl. LOVE IT! Good Job!

I loved talking to you, even if you were a bit 'out of it' to you again soon!!

Gina said...

Lovely to see you back again Shannon what a fabulous card! Your doodling is incredible :)
and 100 cards is such a fantastic idea..makes her birthday extra special! Gx

Merci-Notes said...

What! a wonderful card! and great idea Karla has had!
Say, I know how busy we can get... and visiting in blogland can take, well all day if you let it!!! We do have some breathing people in the room wanting to eat! hehehe.
I am very glad that you came by! Today is an EASY and QUICK spa meal!

With Kindness,
Mary said...

It is such a cute one, Thanks!!!