Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poetic Reprieve...

I picked up a book from the Salvation Army a few years ago titled, "A World That Sings!" from Helen Lowrie Marshall. I absolutely love this little book... so many little verses that touch my heart. Even the few illustrations are quaint. I hadn't picked it up in months, and yesterday I did. And I'm so glad I did. I have felt so overwhelmed lately, and this little poem puts the REAL picture in perspective. God has such a funny way of talking to us, doesn't he? ;)

Even though we feel overwhelmed from day to day, imagine what it would be like to have ALL of life come at you in one day, rather than in the thousands of days over a lifetime? I think I'll take my small dose here and there, don't you agree? After reading this, and a couple other verses... it lead me to read some of my old children's books, including a childhood bible. Aaahhh. A breath of fresh air. I felt a bit refreshed, and hmmm, not so overwhelmed?

So I think I will share her words with you today...


I'm glad life is given to us bit by bit,
In minutes, and days, and years;
For if we were faced with the whole of it
How filled it would be with fears;
With all of its laughter, and all of its pain,
It's sorrow and joy and care-
Why, even its beauty all at one time
Would be more than we could bear.

But God drops a bit of happiness here,
And lowers a shadow there,
and each of us has his portion of both,
The bitter and the fair.
And, whether the way be rough or fine,
It's a comforting thing to know
We've only one step to take at a time,
Just one little day to go.



elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

That is really good. Enjoyed talking to you on the phone yesterday. I am also VERY impressed you have posted 3 times since SUNDAY! woohoo!!

Tara said...


What a great poem for me to read when it is the first day of summer vacation. I really want to enjoy the kids this summer as the schedules have loosened and there's no place "to be"...I want to savor the moments!! Thanks for the reminder--have a great weekend, dear friend!

My Crafty Little Page said...

How sweet Shannon - thanks for sharing that one. I hope you communed with nature and God on your beach trip and you are feeling relaxed and less overwhelmed. The ocean does that for me. Blessings, Nancy