Sunday, June 22, 2008


We did it! VBS was a total success! Even with the threat of bad weather, a power outage, and a stormy morning or two.... Through it all, it proved to be a truly amazing event... Over 1,100 kids total, and a week full of spiritual blessings! I had a team of five working with me to finish odds and ends for the preschool crafts. They were a fantastic bunch of ladies, and new friendships have begun through our time spent together. The Lord poured out His blessings on us all. And I am so very thankful. The week ended with the Family Fusion Night on Friday night. There were jump houses, water slides, rock climbing, a petting zoo, popcorn, pizza, lemonade, hair painting, ice cream, kid tattoos, laser tag- whew- Let's just say a really BIG celebration! Glory, Glory! Our kids had a ton of fun, even little McKenna- she really didn't want to leave the big fire truck jump house. Bailey tried to dry off climbing the rock tower... but was still soaked through from the water slides. And Braden had the energy of the Energizer bunny still going at 9:00pm!
Still going...
and going...
and going....
which then led to be interesting because they both had friends, Amber and Jared, come spend the night! (Well, actually, it wasn't too bad- they all had the lights out and were almost asleep by 10:45... and that was after they all had showers!)

Here is what the final crafts were and how they turned out:

Day 1 Friendly First Aid Kits

(Our budget allowed 4 band aids ($store) and a smiley sticker (for cheering up ;) Pink color is a cut piece of card stock that fits snugly inside the lid portion of the soap box)

Day 2 Oozy Goop Experiment

(Recipe: 4 tbls cornstarch, 3 tbls water, 1 drop food coloring)

Day 3 Growing Friends

Day 4 Friendship Wrist-Ties (they made two, one for them and one to give to a friend and invite to church or the Family Fusion Night)

& Picture Frames...

So much fun, lots of high energy, and tons of prayers answered...


Valley Creek Church

(Click into new window, then right click and save to your computer)


elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

looks like lots of fun. sorry we couldn't help you this year. later gator!!

My Crafty Little Page said...

No wonder you felt overwhelmed. What a huge undertaking. Looks like a huge success, though. :) Nancy

Anonymous said...

I would love to get a copy of your cards that you attached to the "goop". I can't figure out how to contact you in your profile... help! please email me zinfam86 at Thank you! Anna

Jackie said...

I love your craft ideas for vbs, we are starting PowerLab here in Spencerport NY next week. I was hoping to be able to get a copy of the cards you attached to your goop expieriment. I couldn't find an email in your profile. Thanks for sharing some great information!! Also, thought you might like to visit me at
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

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