Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year, my friends! Whew!- what a whirlwind of parties, festivities, photography, giving & receiving, music, joy, games, family, friends, and much thankfulness with a little icky virus thrown in...

I'm back, and I see that everyone is coming back out to play after the holiday season... I'm itching, as well, since I haven't "played" at all since Silver Bella! It's such a shame, too, so much inspiration around Christmastime. Oh well, a new year and a new passion of creativity! There are so many swaps happening out there, bursting of hearts and love for Valentines...

Today I come back with a welcome, and some heart & soul inspiration...
We missed church last week, due to everyone running temps and being ill with a virus. So getting back was refreshing, with a feeling of hope for 2009. I just thought I'd share some thoughts and notes to help begin your new year with a positive attitude, and a wholehearted desire for JOY, because God truly wants us to feel joy in everything, and not just in the circumstances...

I know the Lord is always with me;
even at night my heart instructs me.

I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.

No wonder my heart is filled with joy,
and my mouth shouts His praises!
My body rests in safety.
Psalms 16:7-9

1) You can have joy because God has chosen YOU.
2) You can have joy because God leads you through hard times.
3) You can have joy because He transforms your attitudes and actions.

Rejoice in the Lord Always!
~Phillipians 4:4

More reading:
~1 Peter 1:8-9
~Matthew 25:21
~Isaiah 53:10

Well... I'm off to get some more laundry done (two weeks-plus worth!), and I'll try and find the joy in that! ;)

Catch ya later, friends... til then, lots of HUGS and a little Valentine for you!


cindy said...

You're a doll! Thanks for the joy and the valentine! :D


Charlene said...

Welcome Back! I missed your sweet self. Glad you had a good holiday & are over the "BUG". I had plenty of that myself & I WANT NO MORE! Don't we take our health for granted? Shame on us. You are so right. God is GOOD! Happy New Year.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Friend Shannon! I just read on Flickr you got your tag. Do NOT worry a bit about sending anything - I loved sending something to you that reminded you of your mother and truly don't expect anything. Okay! Behave yourself! Heart you, Nancy

Nathalie Thompson said...

Thanks for the reminders of why I should "rejoice in the Lord always". :)

Alisa said...

Glad you're back! Hope everyone is healthy again.