Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's just plain hot around here. I can't stand getting into the van, it's just like an oven! McKenna can't stand it either, her poor little legs get hot in her seat. I need to remember to take it in until it starts to cool off... I ran across this site and had to share, cuz it's just so hot, and making snowflakes makes me feel so much cooler!
Need a Snow Day?

We've had a bit of excitement around here (again). Our washing machine overflowed and sent a massive sudsy tide over the top and onto the floor, out the laundry door and into/onto the carpet and padding that lay out and about all over a good portion of the first floor-minus the master bed/bath. And in it's fury, left behind a multitude of HUGE, roaring 747 fans, ripped up, tack-exposing carpet, and ugly yellow and various-coloring staining all over! Not to mention a deteriorating wall behind the entertainment center (okay, that's from another problem that's been in the making over sometime now- but it's just now being discovered from this event). Ugh. It could be worse, I guess. I don't have any damage to furnishings or other "stuff" and it was on the first floor, not the second.
Home improvement, here we come...


Tammy said...

How did you get this posted? I can't figure what and where to post it!!! I also can't figure out how to change or add anything to my original blog or comment "box". Can you help me? ;)

Millie said...

Good post.