Friday, August 10, 2007

Texas is still our home for now....

Whew! Well, I'm glad that's over.... still trying to straighten things in my head though. I really thought we were moving to Colorado! But alas, we are not. Not today anyways.
That had to be the most difficult decision for us! But it's just so expensive to house there! And the salaries just don't match that cost. Don't know how you folks do it!
Like I had said before, we are truly blessed either way. We are finding out how much of a blessing we are to others, which is a blessing in its' self! Thank you, Lord, for your love and blessings...

Well, moving on(here in Texas)... school will be starting soon. Need to go school supply shopping! The kids LOVE to do that(okay, so do I!). I did as a kid, too. All new fun and "designy" notebooks & folders, unused pencils, the smell of glue, oh! and the brand new box of 96 Crayola crayons! That was the BEST! (That was the time when we got to choose the size we wanted).

I am also looking forward to a couple times a week where all three will be in school & MDO for a little mommie/creative time in my studio. Need it so desperately. Right now, it's a collect-all of, well, you name it! Started, but not finished art projects, estate sale & thrift buys, kids pictures and projects, some mail, magazines, toys, paper, paper, paper!!! Time to reorganize and re-coop. I've been lazy the past few days, barely getting dishes done, letting some laundry pile up, watching movies and playing with the kids (alot!). I wanna be a kid again(just for the pure non-responsibility of it - but only for a couple days...) ;)
The free, the fun, the laughing, the joy... I love watching them, and for the past two days, I have enjoyed doing it with them! Such sweet spirits they all are. They each add spice, a kick, a punch to life. JOY, that is what they are to me!

OH! Bryan's 39th birthday was fun. He didn't get to come home as early as he had hoped, but we met him at Joe's Crab Shack, and practically had the place to ourselves! It was great! And the food was pretty good too! We had not been there in probably a year, and he had the hankerin' for it, and the kids have fun with the wait staff dancin' and singin'. They have a new menu, which was right up our alley, I ordered the biggest crab plate they had, and Bryan got the all you can eat shrimp-- Oh, it was scrumptious! I even joined McKenna in tying on my "crabby" bib! The kids ordered the paint a crispy crab (a rice crispy treat in the shape of a crab). It came on a white plate shaped like an artist paint pallet, with 3 molded 'dip' areas. One was filled with chocolate, another with strawberry, and the last with rasberry sauce. And of course a paint brush came with it and they painted their crispy crabs and had a blast! What an awesome idea. I loved those plates! (I totally forgot the camera, or I would have taken a picture) Gotta find out if those are purchasable!
I still need to make his apple pie for him... (which I should be doing now). ;)
Anyways, be good, have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the kiddos and family! We love our family in Colorado, I miss my sister so much, but we'll all have to wait a longer... BIG HUGS!

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